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Mafia III coming October 7, here’s a new trailer

2K Games have dropped the trailer for Hanger 13’s Mafia III, which shows off new story details and finally confirms the game’s release date as Octob...[Read More]

Rumoured specs of PS4K revealed, codenamed NEO

According to sources speaking to GiantBomb, the rumoured PS4K/PS4.5 console is internally referred to by the codename NEO and boasts a higher CPU clock speed, a...[Read More]

Halo 5’s Firefight adds new flavour to the classic

– James Orr After a few weeks of anticipation, the beta for Halo 5’s incoming gamemode, ‘Warzone Firefight’ is out. While I enjoyed the introduction of Fi...[Read More]

Is the Destiny update light at the end of the tunnel?

– James Orr Destiny’s new update adds FREE content for owners of Destiny: The Taken King. That’s right, after six months of waiting, players finally have ...[Read More]

Steam users really didn’t like the DOOM beta

Following a closed beta test last month, the new DOOM had its public multiplayer beta test this past weekend so anyone and everyone curious about the title coul...[Read More]

How does Dark Souls III compare to the original?

– Kyle Tander To start things off let me just admit that I’m not much of a Dark Souls veteran. Until recently I had only ever played the first Dark Souls,...[Read More]

Why I exploit The Division

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of The Division, I’ve been consistently writing about it since release and have sunk five days into the game...[Read More]

The Division: You can still exploit Police Academy

It was relatively common knowledge that prior to patch 1.1 in The Division you could exploit the Police Academy mission for loot and Phoenix Credits. To do so y...[Read More]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: 17 minutes of gameplay

Those who are tired of running between cover in The Division or being brutally cut down in Dark Souls III will be pumped to learn that Mirror’s Edge Catal...[Read More]

R.I.P. B.K: Mobile game brings back infamous Division grind

The Bullet King was truly a saint and martyr in The Division, he sacrificed himself countless times so that people could mass gear and Phoenix Credits. It was w...[Read More]

Latest Onion video argues Crash Bandicoot is a Vietnam War Vet battling PTSD

  We all know The Onion is satire and masquerades as real news, despite many real news events seeming to be like Onion articles, but boy do they make some ...[Read More]



TIGYMHM: Broforce

On this installment of those indie games you might have missed I'll be talking about Free Lives/Devolver Digital's Broforce, because holy shit how did I miss th...[Read More]

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