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So let’s talk about video game length vs price

  I often find myself defending the duration of video games the same way some people defend their genitalia: it doesn’t matter how long it is, just h...[Read More]

EA’s Origin Access now available in Australia

  The subscription model has been dominating various entertainment industries for a long time now. Everything has a subscription option as an alternative t...[Read More]

XCOM 2 review: Unfairly good

Reviewed on: PC There will be few moments in your life when you’ll be required to make decisions as huge, and under the same amounts of pressure, as ones ...[Read More]

Bungie alters the course of Destiny’s fate

-James Orr For fans disappointed with the current Valentine’s event in Destiny (and there are many) there is good news! In a recent Bungie news update, co...[Read More]

Quantum Break no longer Xbox One exclusive, coming to PC April 5

  Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment announced yesterday, along with a new trailer, that their upcoming video game/TV show hybrid Quantum Break will be hea...[Read More]

Kanye West unveils game trailer then instantly abuses fans

  Usually when a game trailer is announced it’s not immediately followed by the creator criticising the audience and forcing them to watch the traile...[Read More]

Firewatch review: Time for a nice, terrifying stroll

Reviewed on: PC Within the first 10 minutes, I knew Firewatch had me in its grasp. Much like the opening to Pixar’s Up, Firewatch introduces a cute, if im...[Read More]

Unravel review: We’re not crying, you’re crying

  Don’t let its appearance pull the wool over your eyes, Unravel is perhaps one of the realest experiences to hit the gaming market in a long time. D...[Read More]

The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series begins Feb 23

  With the sixth season of the TV show returning this weekend, fans of The Walking Dead have another reason to be excited this month: the new Telltale Game...[Read More]

What are the aliens in XCOM saying?

  If you’ve been playing XCOM 2 you may have wondered what the Advent soldiers are saying from time to time. They are a pretty vocal opposition, but ...[Read More]

The Division open beta begins Feb 19

  Good news for those of you curious about The Division but missed out on access to the closed beta in January, it’s coming back and will be open to ...[Read More]

The Dark Souls III opening cinematic looks brutal

  A new cinematic opening for Dark Souls III has been released, showing off the nightmarish world the games are set in. For those out of the loop, the Dark...[Read More]

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