-James Orr Destiny: The Taken King is a massive DLC that has taken Destiny to a new level. When I started playing I was taken aback by just how much new content there was, and it has taken me a lot longer to play through the majority of the content than I thought it take. It takes the cake and is fit for a king. Okay, now I’ve gotten that out of my system we can continue. From the very start...[Read More]

– Charlie Braithwaite It’s that special time of year when football fans, me included, lose their shit over a slightly nicer looking version of a game they already own. Corruption FIFA 16 was released in Australia today, and I’ve spent all day missing goals and getting yellow cards to let you guys know if it is worth getting. FIFA 16 does what it says on the box, there are all the same bells ...[Read More]

– Charlie Braithwaite There are a lot of games. That’s a pretty broad sentence, but it is the only way that this article can possibly start without losing faith in the gaming industry. So with that set up, let’s introduce the hero of this article, a game you may have already read about, Rinse and Repeat by Robert Yang. The premise is simple, you are a man in a shower and you wash...[Read More]

– Karly Taylor Having pre-ordered this game way back in April, I was beyond excited to receive an official email from n-Space regarding head start access on Steam for their new D&D Forgotten Realms-based video game Sword Coast Legends over the weekend. I was literally gleeful, at least until I’d downloaded it and realized I still had to wait eight hours before it became available t...[Read More]

– Nick Palmisano You stand in the dimly lit corridor, just one of dozens like it, on a derelict spacecraft, equally dim, drifting ever closer to the toxic, mesmerizing methane clouds of gas giant Neptune, orbit decaying minute by minute. There are scratches all over the bulkhead door leading to ‘Crew Commons’. You wonder if the blood trail is leading away, or trailing from. It doesn’t matter...[Read More]

– Karly Taylor A bit of a cliche title, I know, but bear with me here. Layers of Fear is a brand spanking new horror game on Steam, inspired by famous paintings, architecture and decor of centuries been and gone. It’s described as being a “psychadelic horror” that puts you in the shoes of an artist who, in his quest to finish his life’s greatest masterpiece, goes comp...[Read More]

–  Charlie Braithwaite Creativity is a beautiful thing in games, having the freedom to do what you want makes you feel powerful and nurtures the imagination. That being said, when you give me the option to use the Dualshock 4 touchpad to scribble designs, things are going to get messy. I’m not a good drawer, never have been, never will be. So the sheer amount of crudely drawn appendage...[Read More]

–  Charlie Braithwaite When a review copy of Forza Motorsport 6, developed by Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios, landed in our inbox there was a genuine moment of panic. Does anyone at LoadScreen play racing games? Well, I do, as of now. I own a car and sometimes play games (e.g. always) so thought I am as qualified as the next person. I wasn’t expecting to adore the game, but I would ...[Read More]

–  Aaron Birch No doubt you’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road and thought “That car combat was amazing. If only I could do that!” Well, although it may be illegal to customise your car with giant spikes and jump around with explosive spears while a guitarist plays hard rock hanging off the front of your car, at least the last time I checked, the world of videogames is here to indulge you. Bro...[Read More]

–  Nick Palmisano Every once in a while something comes along that changes the very foundations of your soul. An experience so inane and simultaneously engrossing that you are at once abhorred and captivated. That something is GOTY contender Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015. This 8-bit wonder, developed by Marbenx, boldly toes the line between soap scum and psychological revolution. You s...[Read More]

–  Axdsilva The steam controller has returned after a little facelift, but the differences are more than just skin deep. Taking the feedback from the original controller the rearranged layout keeps what works and aligns what’s familiar. The unchanged: trackpads, palm buttons and shape. The shape is still natural and iconic to the controller as rather ergonomic (really comfortable) design. Th...[Read More]

–  Aaron Birch It certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Konami isn’t exactly popular with gamers right now. Poor treatment of beloved franchises like Castlevania, killing off the superbly promising P.T./Silent Hills, and firing industry legend Hideo Kojima were just some of the lowlights the publisher has accrued of late. Add to this reports that staff are treated like pris...[Read More]

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