Allison Road

Allison Road is un-cancelled says developer

Allison Road, the indie horror game lauded as the spiritual successor to the terrifyingly fantastic P.T., has resumed development after its cancellation in June. Speaking to IGN, Allison Road creator Christian Kesler said he has begun working on the game on his own under a new development label co-founded with his wife called Far From Home. Their popular Kickstarter campaign was shut down when All...[Read More]

Horror game Allison Road has been cancelled

You can return that bulk order for spare underwear, word is horror game Allison Road has been cancelled. The news comes from a post on the game’s official Twitter account that gave no explicit details as to the reason for the cancellation but promised an update in the coming days. Hi all. Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled. Statement to come in the next few days. Thx for all your support...[Read More]

Horror games to look forward to in 2016

  It’s that time of year again – the holiday season is over, the festivities that come with it have concluded and inevitably we turn our attention to the new year and what we hope to see or accomplish before December is upon us again. And if you’re a gamer – which, naturally, I’ll assume you are – you’ve already started thinking about what video game ...[Read More]

Ode to old school horror

– Karly Taylor By definition, an ode is typically a piece of writing in lyrical/poetic format, created with the intention of being sung as a melody. Now, I’m not going to do that for two reasons. First reason being I’m a journalist, not a song writer, so anything I churn out in an effort to try and be musical will turn out more of a parody than anything else. Secondly, nobody wan...[Read More]

Will Allison Road be the rebirth of survival horror?

– Karly Taylor There’s no denying that the cancellation of the insanely popular P.T. demo has left something of a void in our little horror gamer hearts. Kojima’s unexpected split from Konami earlier in the year left most of us feeling like children going through their parents’ divorce. It took Konami a while to announce the sad fate of the Silent Hill sequel, along with th...[Read More]

Allison Road, spiritual successor for P.T.: pants will be shat

– Tom Heath I, like many others, was devastated earlier this year when the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro directed horror game Silent Hills was cancelled, especially after playing its phenomenal playable teaser, P.T., on PS4. The mind bending horror experience set in a suburban household was unlike anything I had ever experienced, featuring no “game” like features such as ob...[Read More]

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