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Dragon Ball FighterZ review: Pretty super if you know what we’re saiyan

Reviewed on PlayStation 4, copy supplied by publisher. Dragon Ball FighterZ has done something that I feared would never happen, it made me like fighting games again. Aside from some fun with endless Street Fighter II ports, I’d kinda given up on the prospect of sinking into that genre again. The healthy dose of Dragon Ball that comes with Dragon Ball FighterZ¬†sure helps things along, but th...[Read More]

Get Even review: Even across the board

Coming out of nowhere we have Get Even, a rather intriguing title that mixes first person shooting and exploration, with puzzle solving and a dab of psychological drama. It also stars a very angry, very northern Englishman. As Cole Black, players travel through a strange and surreal adventure in which Black has no idea what’s going on, or where he is. Guided by the enigmatic, Red, and with h...[Read More]

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