Santa Claus is coming to Overwatch and he’s spamming turrets

The Overwatch Christmas event is here, and the costumes are pretty great, well depending on your level of seasonal cheer. The seasonal costumes can be unlocked the usual way by leveling up, or you know, you could do that gambling thing and buy a batch. Each loot box you earn during this event will contain at least one festive item, but that includes profile icons, sprays, victory poses, emotes and...[Read More]

Anti-Trump billboard slams him as bad gamer who mains Hanzo

Of course Donald Trump would main as Hanzo in Overwatch. Always running off on his own, spamming pot shots at whatever he damn feels like regardless of usefulness or relevance while both his own team and his opposition yell at him to pull his head in. Now who knows if the Republican presidential nominee actually plays Overwatch when he takes a break from his buffoonery, but the recent comparison m...[Read More]

World of Warcraft: Legion reviewed by a recovering WoW addict

Well, here we are again. A half opened packet of chips. One and a half empty beers, and the demonic green glow of my screen displaying my very own dark portal. Streams of fel energy swirling hypnotically into an endless void. Enticing me. Seducing me. Faintly whispering into my ear, begging me to come back. It is an unfortunately memorable sight. One I know all too well. One I tried so hard to for...[Read More]

The Overwatch console free weekend starts tomorrow

From Saturday, September 10 at 4am AEST, to 9am AEST on Tuesday September 13 Overwatch will be free for console players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The full game and all its heroes will be playable for new comers, so this is a pretty great chance to drag your friends into the endless pit of turret frustration and spamming group up in team chat. Players using the free trial will earn unlockables...[Read More]

The Last Bastion Overwatch animated short is surprisingly moving

You might be prone to cursing Bastion under your breath every time you hear his name, but after watching his backstory, that will most likely change. The very Pixar inspired short is by far the most moving and enjoyable Blizzard have released yet, and if you tear up whilst watching, I don’t blame you. Brace yourself, grab a box of tissues, and watch it right here: Okay? Need a moment to soak...[Read More]

Hindu statesman isn’t okay with Symmetra’s goddess skin

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has issued a statement calling for Blizzard to remove legendary skins for Symmetra, as they “trivialized Hinduism’s highly revered goddesses.” The skins in question bear a likeness to the Hindu goddess Devi, which conflicts with Hindu beliefs, as Zed explains “in a video game set-up, the player controlled the movements of Devi, while in reality the devot...[Read More]

New Overwatch hero announced: Ana

Meet Ana, the next hero to join the Overwatch line up. Armed with a sniper rifle, Ana is a long-range support character, where her rifle shots heal team mates and cause some damage to enemies. She can also knock foes out cold with sleep darts, as well as buff allies with her Nano Boost ability, increasing their speed, attack and defence. Here’s her reveal gameplay trailer from Blizzard. As f...[Read More]

Overwatch competitive mode is here, but it’s flawed for solo players

PC players have been treated to a new mode in Overwatch this week, a mode that introduces them to ranked competitive play. To start a competitive season players must complete ten placement matches that allocates them a number between 1-100 based on how well they do. Fear not if you receive a relatively low number, as this seems to be one of the issues the mode has at the moment, and an issue that ...[Read More]

Why unfair comparisons with Overwatch killed Battleborn

It’s not uncommon in the gaming industry for two similar titles to go up against each other for sales. Games are compared all the time, especially by fans of a particular series or platform who stand behind their chosen title with almost tribal allegiance. Prototype vs Infamous, Halo vs Killzone, Sonic vs Mario, comparing games with even a passing similarity to each other is something that&#...[Read More]

Let’s talk about Overwatch hero spamming

Ahh Overwatch, how you have captured my heart and my spare time as of late. At first you were a fun and enjoyable roller coaster ride where I whimsically experimented with heroes and strategies, celebrating with friends when they worked and laughing hysterically when they faceplanted into a beehive. Fast forward a few weeks to whereI have a grasp on the game, knowing intimately how a team should b...[Read More]

Here we go again: Titanfall 2 to have microtransactions

So, microtransactions in full priced games. Now there’s a giant red button of a topic if I ever saw one. It’s been brought back into the limelight again as Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella, speaking to GamesRadar, confirms that Titanfall 2 will feature microtransactions in order to fund the free maps and game modes DLC they plan to release post launch. “We’re givin...[Read More]

Warcraft is now the highest grossing video game movie ever

It may have opened just last week here in Australia, but after an international release earlier this month, Warcraft: The Beginning is the highest grossing video game movie of all time. According to Box Office Mojo, despite a lukewarm domestic US intake of $US38.4 million, the film has a worldwide gross of $US378.4 million. Compared to its $160 million budget, that’s quite a haul, and it owe...[Read More]

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