Civilisation V

Civilization fans have been playing the game together as a democracy in Democraciv

Remember Twitch plays Pokémon? Or the slightly darker Twitch plays Dark Souls? Well a group of Redditors have gone one up in terms of intricacy by turning a game of Civilization V into an exercise of Democracy. The idea is simple, well as simple as Democracy, which is totally a system that works all around the globe at the moment. Players all vote on the actions of one nation, in this run England,...[Read More]

Bold Civ V strategy ends with a twist

  For those who haven’t played Civilization V you’re missing out on possibly the largest time sink in the gaming world. When I first started playing a year or so back (yes, I was late to the party) I racked up almost 50 hours from just two games. Let that sink in. When it was announced that one Civ player had completed a game in 50 turns, using Venice no less (a civilization that ...[Read More]

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