Death Squared

Death Squared review: Now on Switch!

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, copy supplied by publisher.  We reviewed Death Squared after it came out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC back in March. And you know what? Not a lot has changed with the puzzle game since its release on the Nintendo Switch, aside from some extra content. If you want to know the finer details of the game, check out the original review – which I’ll link here again fo...[Read More]

Death Squared is coming to the Nintendo Switch

The brutally hard Australian developed Death Squared will be making its way to Nintendo’s latest console in Q2 of 2017. If you missed our review of the PS4 version of the challenging puzzle game, we praised its well thought out levels and setting. Being a strong multiplayer title the game lends itself exceptionally well to the Switch, which allows for convenient multiplayer gameplay in a ran...[Read More]

Death Squared review: Rage simulator 2017

Played on PS4, copy supplied by publisher.  Putting players in control of adorable little cubes, Death Squared is pretty much a hate crime against controllers. The challenging puzzle game will test patience beyond measure, which makes it all the more rewarding when you successfully navigate the creative levels. With single player and co-op options, Death Squared has story and exhibition modes at t...[Read More]

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