Gamescom Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay trailer

– Tom Heath We all should really have an expectation of what Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is going to look like, given it’s a sequel. Well, the new Gamescom trailer has confirmed that the fluid, parkour based gameplay is at the forefront of the title, and is looking mighty fine in 1080p and 60fps. Here’s hoping it stays that way by the time it launches, been far too many “[...[Read More]

Buffering: Crazy Battlefield 4 kill makes me way too proud of myself

– Tom Heath All right gang, welcome to Buffering, where we upload any of our own gameplay clips for your enjoyment. Our première video comes from a game I am horrendously bad at: Battlefield 4. So, I was playing with my Unnatural Selection podcast co-hosts Adam and Jorge, who are both Battlefield veterans (AKA, they’re actually good). I’d hopped on Adam’s quad-bike and we w...[Read More]

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