Highlights from the EA showcase – E3 2017

E3 2017 has well and truly kicked off with EA’s press conference earlier this morning. Of course, we were still fast asleep at 5am, but that doesn’t mean we’re not across it all! Here are the highlights from EA’s conference. BioWare announce a new IP The RPG giants revealed a teaser trailer for a new sci-fi/fantasy game called Anthem. The trailer has some serious Game of Th...[Read More]

FIFA 17 thinks it’s an action blockbuster in reveal trailer

As is commonplace this close to E3, trailers teasing longer trailers are starting to crop up on YouTube, and today EA released one for FIFA 17. Now, I don’t know if some wires got crossed when they were planning this teaser, but I think someone forgot to tell whomever it concerns that FIFA isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. I mean, just watch the trailer. This has got to be the most intens...[Read More]

The end of Namco’s hold on Loading Screens

-James Orr On November 27th, Namco Bandai’s patent, US5718632 A, finally expired. What’s so important about this patent? It gave Namco ownership over ‘interactive loading screens’, which are the ability to play auxiliary games/minigames during a loading screen. But now that the concept has gone public any developer is free to create loading screen games without fear of reprimand from Namco. This i...[Read More]

The best sports games are the fake ones

-Tom Heath Later this week all the sports games are coming out. Or at least all the ones people really care about: Fifa 16 and NBA 2k16. Yes, the team rosters have been updated, the mechanics tweaked, someone famous has curated something to do with NBA; it is indeed that time of year again. Now, it’s probably pretty clear by now that I’m not a fan of these games. I’m also pretty terrible at playin...[Read More]

FIFA 16 female cover players announced

– Tom Heath In keeping with EA Sports’ announcement that the upcoming FIFA 16 will be the first game in the series to feature female players, the publisher has announced which female players will be joining Argentina’s Lionel Messi on the North American and Canadian covers of the game. Alex Morgan, the US Women’s National Team forward, and Christine Sinclair, Canadian Women...[Read More]

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