Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix Episode I: The Phantom Episodes

  [THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED TO FIX ERRORS IN PRICING BECAUSE I SUCK AT MATHS] Back in December last year the internet collectively lost its shit when Square Enix revealed that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be episodic. It seemed a strange choice in a remake that is filled with strange choices. Today a similar announcement was made about the upcoming Hitman game, which it turns out wi...[Read More]

My greatest gaming failure

– Kyle Tander My greatest gaming failure needs to be introduced with a confession, and I beg the internet to please not hate me. Promise? OK, here goes: I have never played Final Fantasy VII, or any Final Fantasy game for that matter. I know it’s really bad to have never properly touched one the most renowned gaming franchises of all time, and before the internet hunts me down for such blasp...[Read More]

News out of the Nintendo Direct

  Rather than be big and flashy like the live stage shows of Playstation and Xbox, Nintendo’s “Nintendo Direct” video presentations opt to be much more, well, direct. True, they occasionally feature some weird theatrics, but more often then not the Nintendo Directs just sit down, and show you what they have. The result is a cavalcade of information, some news is big, others ...[Read More]

LoadScreen’s E3 highlights

– Charlie Braithwaite Merry hype-mas everyone. So far E3 has been distracting a lot of people from work and making wallets preemptively weep all over the world. So without delay, let’s have a glimpse at our E3 highlights so far. The Last Guardian No wonder Sony kicked off their conference with this, the game has been in development since 2007 and was rumoured to have been mothballed last yea...[Read More]

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