Firewatch is getting a movie adaptation

Firewatch, Campo Santo’s walking simulator/interactive drama released earlier this year, is being made into a movie thanks to a partnership between the studio and film production company Good Universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Campo Santo and Good Universe are partnering to “develop content for both video games and feature films,” with the Firewatch movie being their ...[Read More]

Ford dealership seems to have lifted Firewatch artwork

Some video games can be considered pieces of art, take Firewatch for example, the acclaimed walking sim had a distinctive feel and style about it that has become iconic for those in the know. So iconic that it was instantly recognisable when allegedly stolen for use in a Ford Dealership’s advertising campaign. A Ford dealership in Quincy Massachusetts is supposedly behind the promotion, whic...[Read More]

So let’s talk about video game length vs price

  I often find myself defending the duration of video games the same way some people defend their genitalia: it doesn’t matter how long it is, just how well you use it. I’ll take an amazing but short experience, say Portal, over a mediocre lengthy one, like Watch Dogs, any day. The discussion of a game’s length compared to its worth, both as a game in itself as well as its p...[Read More]

Firewatch review: Time for a nice, terrifying stroll

Reviewed on: PC Within the first 10 minutes, I knew Firewatch had me in its grasp. Much like the opening to Pixar’s Up, Firewatch introduces a cute, if implausible, story of new love that mere minutes of exposition later broke my heart. The game hadn’t really even begun yet and already I knew it was going to be something special. While I can’t say I felt exactly the same way by t...[Read More]

Firewatch gameplay – surprisingly terrifying…

  There was once a time when first person shooter games would primarily have silent player characters. The action would happen around the player, and their only influence on it would be to flip the occasional switch and shoot some guys in the face, but dialogue and narrative beats would just be things to witness, never to be a part of. This practice usually stems from developers wanting to ma...[Read More]

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