Five Nights at Freddys

Five Nights At Freddy’s World flopped onto Steam today

  Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of those games that’s popular because let’s play YouTubers decreed it so at their annual meeting of awfulness. Each of the series’ four titles were released within the space of a year (2014-2015), which is remarkable for any game series, even one that is arguably pretty bland. But all credit where it’s due to the solo game dev Sco...[Read More]

Where Five Nights at Freddy’s lost its way

– Tom Heath When it comes to horror games, I’m a complete wuss who somehow manages to occasionally step up to the plate and conquer them. I’m like the timid person in the movies who always manages to be the last one alive¬†and defeats the monster/axe-murderer/alien/stalking-sex-demon. I usually find the games balls-shrivellingly terrifying, but I push through and make it out the o...[Read More]

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