For Honor

For Honor review: A whole lot of guttural yelling

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Basically Dynasty Warriors meets Just Dance, For Honor incorporates a whole lot of features gamers will be familiar with, and creates something unique in the process. Available in single and multiplayer modes, the game has quite a lot going for it, and it really does shine in some areas, but unfortunately is cringe inducing in others. LetR...[Read More]

For Honor closed beta test coming later in January

Anyone keen to clash some swords in Ubisoft’s upcoming For Honor will have reason to be excited today, the publisher has confirmed the dates of the game’s closed beta test: January 26-29 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The closed beta is, well, closed so for a chance to be involved you need to sign up over on For Honor’s website, here. Interestingly though, everyone who does g...[Read More]

For Honor will be always online

For Honor, the upcoming competitive, team based hack-n-slash game from Ubisoft, will require an always online internet connection, despite previous statements to the contrary. A NeoGAF user recently posted a response from a Ubisoft community representative to a forum post asking about For Honor’s internet requirements, saying players will need to be connected “at all times” in or...[Read More]

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