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Amnesia: Collection coming to PS4, but the trailer isn’t great

I remember my first, and only, attempt to play Frictional Games’ Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2010 on PC. It was dark, very strange, and had an atmosphere of such dread and despair that I began sweating balls, shouted “NOPE,” and quit and never went back. As I’ve said before, horror games either excite me to press through the terror or scare me so much I have to leave if I ...[Read More]

In Memoriam: SOMA – alone, so alone…

  I didn’t get much sleep last night. Not because it was the night before Fallout 4, although I’m very much pumped for that, but because I had just concluded one of the most harrowing stories I have ever come across in a video game, and the combination of the ensuing existential crisis and a raging brainer kept me well away from the sandman’s sweet embrace. The game I finish...[Read More]

LoadScreen talks horror with Thomas Grip of Frictional Games

– Karolina Firman Survival horror has become one of the defining genres of modern gaming. The basic underlying theme behind them is to dump a hapless character in a dangerous and unusual place, (maybe arm them, maybe not) and see if they can survive the horrors that await. There are a lot of split opinions when it comes to what makes a good horror game, is it jump scares and gore, or an unde...[Read More]

SOMA review: scare yourself to enlightenment

-Karly Taylor This game. This fucking game. I should have known, from the moment I found out SOMA was developed by Frictional Games, playing this was going to be a rigorous trial for my nerves. Seriously, I partially blame you, Penumbra (Frictional’s début series), for me being so skittish in real life. I don’t like jump scares. In fact, I hate them with a passion that is almost holy i...[Read More]

SOMA is gross

– Charlie Braithwaite I don’t like horror games. I really don’t. That being said, when I read about how great SOMA by Frictional games is, I decided to give it a shot. After playing for close to two hours I have come to the conclusion that it is fucking gross and not fit for human consumption. The fact there is a monster that makes noises like a dial up internet connection should...[Read More]

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