Xbox Gamescom roundup: New consoles, trailers and JURASSIC PARK

Gamescom 2017 doesn’t officially start for a couple more days, but that doesn’t mean the big publishers aren’t going to start dropping announcements. First cab off the rank is Xbox, bringing with them a bunch of new trailers for already announced games, some Xbox One console announcements, and a trailer for a whole new game that I bet you can’t guess what it is. So, here we...[Read More]

The perfect WTF moment from Sony at Gamescom

For those of you who might not have noticed, Gamescom is well and truly underway. Much like with E3, major players in the vidy0g@m3 industry have been releasing exciting new titles, well mostly exciting titles. In a surprise move Sony unleashed a reveal trailer for Solbrain Knight of Darkness, which is out now on the PS Store for our North American friends. And, well, the game kinda of looks like ...[Read More]

Nominees for Gamescom 2015 awards announced

– Tom Heath With Gamescom 2015 taking place this coming weekend, it is therefore the time for the nominees for the Gamescom 2015 awards to be revealed. Makes sense! Announced over on IGN, Star Wars Battlefront leads the nominations with four categories, followed by Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Final Fantasy XV and Anno 2205 with three each. There’s also a people’s choice...[Read More]

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