Gimme (Fallout) Shelter

– by Tim Sujak It’s happened, you guys. Two worlds have collided. For years, I’ve poured over reports, scoured dusty, long-forgotten archives for interviews – anything – that could prepare me for something like this. Honestly, though? I never thought it would happen – how could it? I was so careful. Perhaps that is why I failed. Perhaps that is why, a mere moment ago, I came acro...[Read More]

Vintage Gaming: A dinosaur retrospective

– Charlie Braithwaite and Tom Heath Considering all things dinosaur are relevant again, LoadScreen have prepared a list of some of the hottest dinosaur games, most of these are a blast from the Jurassic past, but nonetheless were incredible when they came out. Jurassic Park- 1993 DOS game – Charlie Let me just start off by saying thank you to those responsible for making this game, it ...[Read More]

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