Grand Theft Auto V

Uncharted 4 is the fastest selling PS4 exclusive to date

It’s been two weeks since the latest (and said to be last) adventure of Nathan “perfect, un-mussable hair” Drake dropped onto Playstation 4’s everywhere. OK, maybe not everywhere, but at least a fair few places as Sony announced today that Uncharted 4 sold 2.7 million copies in its first week worldwide, making it the fastest selling of the console’s exclusive titles. ...[Read More]

GTA 6 reportedly in the works so here’s some advice for Rockstar

  A little piece from Techradar has been doing the rounds this past week, a piece about Rockstar Games having considered making a Grand Theft Auto game set in Tokyo around the time they were making GTA 3 and Vice City. Apparently the team visited the city to do some location research but ultimately decided to abandon the idea, the reasoning for which IGN states is “thanks to the structu...[Read More]

Video games & the remasters of the universe

-James Orr The remaster, once commonly known as a ‘rerelease’, seems to have become a staple in any publisher’s plan for a bit more dough. Unlike remakes, where a game has been completely rebuilt from scratch, remasters are just the original game with only a few improvements. Of course, remasters have been around for a while, but with this generation of consoles, they’ve become much more pre...[Read More]

Grand Theft Arthur: Your day has just been made

– Tom Heath One of the coolest features of Grand Theft Auto V for PC is that it has a film making function, and YouTubers have been making some great short films. This week, user Merfish posted a shot-for-shot remake of the intro sequence to 90s cartoon Arthur. It’s called “Grand Theft Arthur” and yes, it is amazing. Merfish took some creative liberties with a few moments, ...[Read More]

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