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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds review: More of a great thing

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Understandably high up on many game of the year lists, Horizon Zero Dawn was already an immense, and brilliant open world romp in its vanilla form, so the idea of having more of the game to plough through is enough of a reason to give DLC, The Frozen Wilds, a go. What we have here is an expansion that adds a whole new area to the world map, i...[Read More]

Horizon Zero Dawn review: Life found a way

Reviewed on PS4, copy supplied by PlayStation.  Taking you to a time where herds of robot goats gracefully stalk post-apocalyptic ruins, Horizon Zero Dawn has a rich setting and compelling narrative. On paper the premise of robot dinosaurs mingling with tribes of cavemen is kind of silly, it seems like something I would have day dreamed about as an eight year old Fortunately, Guerrilla Games have ...[Read More]

Horizon: Zero Dawn developers talk moving from linear shooters to open-world RPGs

Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Playstation 4 exclusive Sony has been showing off for quite some time now, is just around the corner so pretty soon we’ll all be running around developer Guerrilla Games’ post apocalyptic, robot dinosaur infested world. In anticipation of the launch, Playstation Australia have released three behind-the-scenes videos about the development of the game. As well as ...[Read More]

Hands on with Horizon: Zero Dawn: The thrill and guilt of the hunt – PAX Aus 2016

Personally I found the big publishers were a little bit underwhelming at this year’s PAX Australia. I guess this is a subjective viewpoint, but there was just nothing from the major players that screamed “I must check that out.” There was no Playstation VR station, or Dark Souls III and Cuphead demo that I just couldn’t leave PAX without seeing. A majority of the major play...[Read More]

New Horizon Zero Dawn trailer reveals March 2017 release date

Remember Horizon Zero Dawn, the seemingly prehistoric open-world action game that’s really set in the future and has actual robot dinosaurs? Since it made a huge splash at the Playstation E3 conference in 2015, the game faded into the background with not a peep coming out of Sony or the developer, Guerrilla Games. For me, it took the little flyer included in copies of Uncharted 4 last month ...[Read More]

Horizon Zero Dawn to be an open world RPG, says Guerrilla Games

– Tom Heath Horizon Zero Dawn made quite the impression during Sony’s E3 presentation last month, being a new IP from long time Playstation developer Guerrilla Games. Their first non-Killzone game in a long time, the pre-historic themed, post apocalyptic, robot dinosaur hunting game looks like quite a shift from their comfort zone. Few details were given as to the specifics of the game...[Read More]

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