Hangar 13

Mafia III review: Welcome to the 60s…

This article originally appeared as an impressions piece on October 13, but has since been removed and updated with my final thoughts in this full review here. Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Well, you can all rest assured that Hangar 13’s Mafia III is a lengthy experience because, as I mentioned in my initial impressions, it took me some 10 hours to pass the introduc...[Read More]

Mafia III reignites frame rate debate, can’t we all just get along?

So Mafia III came out this past Friday, and due to review copies arriving on the day of launch our review is still a while away. Hey, get off my case; it’s a big game and I’m not made of time. But in the meantime, there was much derision about the PC version shipping with a locked frame rate of 30 frames per second. PC players were understandably pissed off since many of them have prob...[Read More]

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