House House

Playing as a naughty goose is everything we ever wanted

Until recently, I wasn’t even aware that all I want in life is a game about an asshole goose. Well, thanks to Australian devs House House – who previously brought us the bizarrely brilliant Push Me Pull You – you can soon experience the joys of being a horrible goose. The as of yet untitled goose game was teased in a short video yesterday: Yeah, GG, we already know our game of th...[Read More]

Push Me Pull You coming to PC, Mac and Linux this week

You’d be hard pressed to find a game released this year stranger than developer House House’s Push Me Pull You, a multiplayer game where weird, CatDog-esque human abominations wrestle each other over a ball. These freakish, well, freaks of nature claw their way around squeaky courts all to simply drag a ball from one side to the other, along with all our hopes for a pleasant night̵...[Read More]

Push Me Pull You review: Get weird with your friends

Reviewed on: PlayStation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Push Me Pull You is the perfect party game if your idea of fun is nightmare inducing disfigurations and wrestling. Created by Australian team House House, PMPY came out on PlayStation 4 today (May 3), and is set for a Windows, Mac and Linux release in the future. Labelled as a game about friendship and wrestling, this is one of those titles t...[Read More]

Push Me Pull You is about to blow your mind

Ever since the gross alpha gameplay trailer for Push Me Pull You weired people out I have been wetting myself with anticipation waiting to play the game. And good news! Push Me Pull You finally has a release date. The strange wrestling/crime against humanity will be out for PlayStation 4 on May 3rd. Not familiar with the game? You can check out the release date trailer right here: Did you watch th...[Read More]

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