Candleman Review – Wax on or wax off?

Reviewed on Xbox One Candleman is an indie platformer developed by Spotlightor Interactive. You play as the titular Candleman, who’s more candle than a man, making his way through a dark but beautiful world. The game portrays itself like a children’s storybook, splitting its levels into chapters and having a mother-like narrator. It’s a charming world with some dark depth, despite the simplistic n...[Read More]

The Bug Butcher is now banned in Australia for a terrible reason

Having been out since January 19 you’d think that The Bug Butcher by Awfully Nice Studios was safe from the ban heavy Australian Classification Board. Well it turns out that’s not the case, as they have indeed butchered the bug, labelled the game as “Refused Classification” or RC. Those unfamiliar with The Bug Butcher can check out my review from earlier in the year here. A...[Read More]

Necropolis review: Art Souls

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. It’s no surprise so many devs are no desperately trying to reproduce the winning formula of Dark Souls – it’s fantastic. From Software’s series has become a legitimate classic in every sense of the word, and the industry wants to cash in on this success. We’ve seen good copies of the formula, such as the excellent Salt and Sanctu...[Read More]

The Magic Circle: Gold Edition review: Meta Madness

The Magic Circle: Gold Edition is a console port of the original which released on PC in July last year. You’d be forgiven if you haven’t heard of it as it had no marketing and only sold 16,000 copies as of March 2016. It’s easily the most ‘meta’ game I’ve ever played, designed as a satire of game development and the gaming industry as a whole. The premise of The Magic Circle is that you’re within...[Read More]

Push Me Pull You coming to PC, Mac and Linux this week

You’d be hard pressed to find a game released this year stranger than developer House House’s Push Me Pull You, a multiplayer game where weird, CatDog-esque human abominations wrestle each other over a ball. These freakish, well, freaks of nature claw their way around squeaky courts all to simply drag a ball from one side to the other, along with all our hopes for a pleasant night̵...[Read More]

Breached review: What a waste…

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. Let me be blunt: the entire time I was playing Breached, I wished I was playing a better game with the same premise. Which is a shame, because on paper Drama Drifters’ debut game sounds like if The Martian was a walking simulator, but those impressions quickly faded once I passed the tutorial. The story of a person isolated on a desolate planet co...[Read More]

What you need to know about Demonheart

“If you never trust anyone, how can you tell friends from traitors?” Demonheart is an upcoming indie game I’ve been pretty eager to write about for a while now. Having recently begun its crowd funding on Indiegogo, Demonheart offers a unique spin on the traditional visual novel experience with beautiful character and location designs, and a unique, haunting soundtrack. It promises deceit, in...[Read More]

Arachnophobia VR game comes to Steam, looks like pure nightmare fuel

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m an arachnophobe. I am a firm believer that spiders are the worst and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. “But Tom, the scary looking huntsman spiders can’t hurt you, in fact they kill other, worse insects and spiders around your home!” Don’t care. If they want to do that, they can do that outside. My house has one rule and one...[Read More]

Surgeon Simulator adds Donald Trump as a new “patient”(victim)

Can you be trusted to take a US presidential candidate under the knife? Well developer Bossa Studios wants to know as they add Republican nominee and destroyer of worlds Donald Trump as a patient in Surgeon Simulator. Aside from the usual gory chaos regularly seen in Surgeon Simulator, the goal of the “Inside Trump” update is to perform a heart transplant on the man with a lust for wal...[Read More]

Wick review: Keep this candle burning

Reviewed on on: PC Wick is an indie game developed by Hellbent Games that came out late last year on Steam that flew completely under my radar and only recently came to my attention while perusing the “horror” tag for the umpteenth time looking at all the new shiny games I wouldn’t have time to play. Liking the premise of a ghost story brought to life with a local legend about missing children hau...[Read More]

Neverending Nightmares review: a beautiful but tedious quest for why

Reviewed on: PC. I’d heard good things about Neverending Nightmares, even picked it up during a sale on Steam but never actually got around to giving it a go. With the release of a Playstation 4 and Vita version, however, I decided it was enough of an incentive to give it a shot. I was itching to write and needed a new horror game in my life so I figured, why not? Take the plunge, nothing ventured...[Read More]

TIGYMHM: Please, Don’t Touch Anything

Please, don’t touch anything is unclassifiable. It’s a proper gaming UFO that doesn’t fit any genre. Let’s just say, to make it easier, that it is an office job simulator. But not your regular kind of office. No, you’re apparently an employee of a nuclear test bunker and your daily life consists of sitting at a desk and watching over a city on an old screen. The game starts when your colleag...[Read More]

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