Those indie games you might have missed: Dropsy

-Simon Vallenet This week I’d like to introduce you to a very particular game that has a special place in my collection. Developed by Jay Tholen and A Jolly Corpse, Dropsy is a point’n click ‘hugventure’ (more on that later) that was kickstarted in October 2013 and launched on Steam in September 2015. Once again, forget the blockbusters doped with HD graphics and go back to the golden era of retro...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Circa Infinity

– Simon Vallenet Developed by one man team Kenny Sun, Circa Infinity is based on a prototype he made for the 2014 Ludum Dare. Called Core, the mini game wasn’t extraordinary but the concept and the idea were strong enough for it to be turned into a more evolved game. A year later, Circa Infinity was released on Steam. Once again, it’s the type of bold looking indie game that uses pixel art i...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky June release day announced

  It feels like it has been coming out forever, but Hello Games have now confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be releasing for Playstation 4 on June 21 and PC June 23. Writing on the Playstation Blog, Hello Games’ Sean Murray revealed the game will also receive a physical disc release on PS4 as well as a digital one. The release date news was followed by the announcement of two specia...[Read More]

Firewatch review: Time for a nice, terrifying stroll

Reviewed on: PC Within the first 10 minutes, I knew Firewatch had me in its grasp. Much like the opening to Pixar’s Up, Firewatch introduces a cute, if implausible, story of new love that mere minutes of exposition later broke my heart. The game hadn’t really even begun yet and already I knew it was going to be something special. While I can’t say I felt exactly the same way by t...[Read More]

Unravel review: We’re not crying, you’re crying

  Don’t let its appearance pull the wool over your eyes, Unravel is perhaps one of the realest experiences to hit the gaming market in a long time. Developed by Swedish developers Coldwood Interactive and published by EA, this narrative driven platformer/puzzle game hybrid is a refreshing and emotionally packed experience that will equally captivate you and make you want to scream uncon...[Read More]

Gone Home for PS4/XB1 coming this month to Australia

  After a sudden delay due to some undisclosed complications relating to classification, 2013 PC indie hit Gone Home is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One in Australia and Europe on February 12. The announcement was made via the game’s official Twitter page over night, also listing other territories, such as New Zealand, Brazil and Russia, that will share the release date. #GoneHome w...[Read More]

The Bug Butcher: One of the best 2D indie shooters you’ll play

  The Bug Butcher is one of those indie games that you might not pay attention to. On the surface it sounds like so many other games, you play as a masked character tasked with clearing out waves of aliens with a range of laser based weapons. Doesn’t exactly sound groundbreaking, does it? However once you start playing The Bug Butcher, you realise that the devs at Awfully Nice Studios h...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Titan Souls

– Simon Vallenet Since its first appearance at the Ludum Dare Game Jam in 2013, Titan Souls has always been categorised as an indie/2D version of Shadow of the Colossus, one of the greatest games of the Playstation 2 catalogue, which is fair to say that it sounded pretty promising. Hands on keyboard, the game is slightly different and somewhat disappointing but don’t get me wrong: it’s still...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Downwell

– Simon Vallenet I’m just sitting on a bench under a tree, looking up to the stars in the dark sky, wondering what could possibly be out there. My finger presses the right arrow on my keyboard; suddenly I’m not sitting anymore. I’m walking towards what seems to be a big  gloomy well. I guess my time to watch the night sky is over. The moon is there, enlightening me and the first few bricks o...[Read More]

Pulse: Concept vs. reality

  Pulse is conceptually heavy game where you play as a blind girl named Eva as she explores a fantasy world through sound. Developed by Pixel Pi following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pulse took the devs several years to make, and as much as I hate to criticise games, it could have used several more. Nothing is wrong with the game’s premise, playing as a blind person and interacti...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Distraint

-Simon Vallenet The second game from the one-man development team Jesse Makkonen, Distraint is a 2D psychological horror game in which you control an ambitious young man named Price whose job is to ask people (or obligate them) to leave their house. The title is self-explanatory: according to my good old friend Thesaurus, the noun “distraint” means “the seizure and holding of property ...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Not a Hero

– Simon Vallenet If I had to pick the indie publisher of the year, I think I would go for Devolver Digital or at least, I would highly consider them. They have published so many good indie games so far I completely lost count and I reckon that many of the games I’m going to talk about in this series of articles have been released by this company. Not a Hero is one of them. Developed by Roll7...[Read More]

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