I should have stayed in STASIS

– Nick Palmisano You stand in the dimly lit corridor, just one of dozens like it, on a derelict spacecraft, equally dim, drifting ever closer to the toxic, mesmerizing methane clouds of gas giant Neptune, orbit decaying minute by minute. There are scratches all over the bulkhead door leading to ‘Crew Commons’. You wonder if the blood trail is leading away, or trailing from. It doesn’t matter...[Read More]

Layers of Fear: Painting the way for horror

– Karly Taylor A bit of a cliche title, I know, but bear with me here. Layers of Fear is a brand spanking new horror game on Steam, inspired by famous paintings, architecture and decor of centuries been and gone. It’s described as being a “psychadelic horror” that puts you in the shoes of an artist who, in his quest to finish his life’s greatest masterpiece, goes comp...[Read More]

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Nothing butt the dads

–  Nick Palmisano Every once in a while something comes along that changes the very foundations of your soul. An experience so inane and simultaneously engrossing that you are at once abhorred and captivated. That something is GOTY contender Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015. This 8-bit wonder, developed by Marbenx, boldly toes the line between soap scum and psychological revolution. You s...[Read More]

Corpse of Discovery: Dark sci-fi exploration

– Charlie Braithwaite Corpse of Discovery is a new sci-fi exploration game by Phospor Games. The review for this game may seem a bit bi-polar as I enjoyed parts of the game, but was very underwhelmed with others. In Corpse of Discovery you play as an astronaut working for the Corps of Discovery (see what they did there?), your ship has crash landed and you have no signal to contact home, fro...[Read More]

Gryphon Knight Epic review: old school tough

– Tom Heath Gryphon Knight Epic, released earlier this month on Steam by developer Cyber Rhino Studios, is very much rooted in the classic days of 2D side-scrollers. It’s relatively simple to pick up, has stunning pixel art visuals and some nice, tongue-in-cheek writing. A personal highlight was the main protagonist shouting “I’ll teach you for crushing other peoples’...[Read More]

The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods

– Karolina Firman Hipsters are literally everywhere, you have to beat them off with a stick (Editor’s note: don’t google that phrase). Or a series of sticks connected to other sticks, in some level of complicated Transformer like hipster-stick tron. Where was I? Oh yeah hipsters in games. Kickstarter is one of many crowd-funding websites used by developers to make new and innovat...[Read More]

Leap of Fate: Cyberpunk meets tarot

– Charlie Braithwaite The Matrix was a cool film, and Tarot cards are also good at whatever they do. Should they be mixed together into a extremely hard game? Well they have been… sort of. The premise for Leap of Fate is certainly one of the game’s strongest aspects. And I will probably let the devs explain it themselves, because. uh… just read the premise, it’s prett...[Read More]

Rad Road Rally: Micro Machines nostalgia

– Charlie Braithwaite The face of gaming has changed a lot since the early 90s. If like me you grew up playing games like Micro Machines, at least part of you is probably hell bent on feeling that sweet nostalgia. Good news is that the new indie title Rad Road Rally has you covered. Rad Road Rally combines simplistic gameplay, retro graphics and a banging soundtrack, which when combined tick...[Read More]

Allison Road, spiritual successor for P.T.: pants will be shat

– Tom Heath I, like many others, was devastated earlier this year when the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro directed horror game Silent Hills was cancelled, especially after playing its phenomenal playable teaser, P.T., on PS4. The mind bending horror experience set in a suburban household was unlike anything I had ever experienced, featuring no “game” like features such as ob...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky developer demonstrates game’s immense size, E3 2015

– Tom Heath Upcoming indie space sim No Man’s Sky made an appearance during Sony’s E3 presentation this week, this time showcasing the sheer size of the world the game is going to inhabit. Sean Murray, from developer Hello Games, took to the stage and displayed the star map in the procedurally generated No Man’s Sky universe. He said every star on the screen was a sun with ...[Read More]

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