Jim Sterling

“Vaginas are the weed of video games,” says Jim Sterling (NSFW, obviously)

Yep, that’s a headline I just got to write. I love my job some days. Some context: you may remember Jim Sterling as the independent video game critic whose activities we’ve covered before here on LoadScreen. We’ve written about his crusade against microtransactions in full priced video games, an opinion I share, the lawsuit levelled at him by a developer whose games he rightfully...[Read More]

Jim Sterling narrating the Nintendo Switch trailer is better than the real thing

We talk about Jim Sterling a lot around here, like how a game developer he justifiably trashed tried to sue him and how he’s bang on in his crusade against microtransactions in full priced games. As well as being a powerful voice in modern gaming media, as much as he stresses he’s not a journalist, he’s also a great entertainer and sometimes he combines those two things to great ...[Read More]

Digital Homicide are making it rain lawsuits

When news struck that Digital Homicide were suing Jim Sterling back in March, those who followed the feud between the YouTuber and the game devs weren’t too surprised. The relationship between the two had been hostile for a long time, since Sterling called them out on making asset flip games, and they reacted, by criticising Sterling for turning gamers against them. For those wanting backgro...[Read More]

Digital Homicide are suing Jim fucking Sterling, son

  Those who have been following the Jim Sterling Vs. Digital Homicide feud might find it surprising that the indie studio is now attempting to take Sterling to court over his content. The contention is that the Jimquisition’s main man has conducted acts of “assault, libel, and slander” against the studio, leading Digital Homicide to file a law suit worth US$10.76million. The...[Read More]

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