Jonathan Blow

The Witness has claimed you when you can work on its puzzles while not playing it

  You may have heard about The Witness, the new puzzle game on Playstation 4 and PC from Braid creator Jonathan Blow. I played it earlier this month and rather enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I’ve begun playing it again despite having fulfilled my professional obligation to review it. Why? Well, because I hadn’t completed all the puzzles by the time my piece had to ...[Read More]

The Witness review – a beautiful challenge

Reviewed on: Playstation 4   *Approaches a puzzle* All right, a new puzzle. What have you got for me… *Tests a few possible solutions* OK, no good. What am I missing… *Applies the logic taught by the tutorials for tens of minutes, to no avail* Goddamn it, this is impossible! IT MAKES NO SENSE! STUFF THIS, THIS IS STUPID, PUZZLES ARE STUPID, STUPID STUPID STU- hang on… *Tries...[Read More]

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