Lionhead Studios

PlayStation to salvage Lionhead Studios?

  It was a sad day across Albion when Microsoft announced Lionhead Studios was most likely going to close down. The announcement that sounded the death knell for the beloved creators of Fable and Black & White also spelled out the demise of Fable Legends, a game that had been in production since 2012. Well maybe all is not lost for the team at Lionhead Studios, because Sony are swooping i...[Read More]

Lionhead Studios to close and Fable Legends cancelled

  Today it was announced that Fable Legends has been cancelled after four years in development, which started back in 2012. It also looks like the beloved studio behind the Fable and Black & White games, Lionhead Studios, could be closing down for good as well. Part of the statement from Microsoft regarding this closure reads: After much consideration we have decided to cease development ...[Read More]

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