We’re not for sale

  So we’ve been doing this LoadScreen thing for a while now. Tom Heath and myself launched the site back in June 2015 as two hopeful and optimistic journalists looking to contribute to the wonderful world of gaming news. In that time we’ve been really pleased to see steady traffic and engagement from people all around the world. We’ve also got to speak to and meet people in ...[Read More]

Buffering: monster truck soccer (AKA, Rocket League)

– Tom Heath Here’s another Buffering video, where we show off our gameplay clips from whatever we may be playing at the moment. In this video, Charlie and I gave Rocket League a go after reading Luke’s glowing review. What did we learn? Well, even when the sport is improved significantly by the inclusion of rocket boosting monster trucks, Charlie is still better than me at soccer...[Read More]

Trial By Combat: Tom resorts to unfair measures

– Tom Heath Last month’s Trial By Combat left me a shell of a man. Such a defeat was something I could not abide, so I retreated to my lair and plotted my revenge. Charlie had to pay; I had to find something that would break him as he had broken me. A simple loss would not be enough, he needed to be humiliated… It was through perusing my usual “Let’s Play” feed ...[Read More]

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