Nier: Automata

Aaron’s top three games of 2017

It’s no surprise that critics everywhere are placing 2017 as one of the best years for video gaming in a very long time. We’ve had some seriously great game releases throughout the year, and when it comes to picking only three of these to top any list, it’s a very, very difficult decision. How do you narrow down so many amazing games to a paltry three out of what could easily be ...[Read More]

Nier: Automata review: She ain’t heavy, she’s my reanimated killer android sister

I think it’s safe to say that the original Nier is a game that flew way below a lot of people’s radars. Although it came from the prestigious studios of Square Enix, it just didn’t become the next big thing, and was left to mature into its cult classic status. It was an action RPG that didn’t tow the line, and didn’t stick to the usual formula that most other games of...[Read More]

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