The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review – A Triforce to be reckoned with

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, copy supplied by Nintendo. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting and rolling delays, Zelda Wii U finally entered the world with a bang… and on an entirely new console. Of course the old working title for Breath of the Wild is kind of funny looking back, but at least the final product more than makes up for it. And hey, those that bought a Wii U in anticip...[Read More]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s differences on Switch compared to Wii U

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a title that some people bought their Wii U’s specifically to play, even when their was no firm release date or official title. So when it was announced for the Nintendo Switch, then referred to as the NX, you could sense the wave of crushing disappointment from fans, like a thousand voices cried out in terror before suddenly taking their outrage to Twi...[Read More]

Questions we can answer on the Nintendo Switch

On the weekend we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Nintendo Switch (you may have already read about how filthy it was). It was a pretty great evening, we spent three hours up close and personal with Nintendo’s new system, some new games, and the Joy-Con controllers. Whether you’re considering a preorder or just curious, I’m sure you have some questions about the syst...[Read More]

1-2 Switch is surprisingly fun, but also a little filthy…

I stared coldly into Charlie’s eyes, determined to furiously stroke the flaccid udder of an imaginary cow faster than he possibly could. “I am going to milk you dry,” he quips, with a twinkle of madness in his eye. Yes, that was a real exchange that really happened, with absolutely no embellishment. Welcome to the future of Nintendo… Charlie and I were exchanging these filt...[Read More]

Watch the Nintendo Switch announcement here

Today’s the day folks, today we find out more info about this little home/portable console hybrid that Nintendo ceremoniously revealed this past October. (Although if you ask me, you should watch Jim Sterling’s rundown of the thing instead, it was much more entertaining). Yes, it’s Nintendo Switch Presentation day. Nintendo have previously said today’s announcement would de...[Read More]

Pokémon Sun & Moon review: Like night & day compared to the others

Reviewed on: 3DS. Copy supplied by publisher. A wise man once said “All you need to make a movie is a gun and a girl”. He also said he didn’t want a North American visa because it would take too long to fly there (although he eventually did). The man in question is the great film-maker Jean-Luc Godard but curiously I find his view to be a little short sighted. To be fair, he said this roughly arou...[Read More]

Pokémon Sun and Moon: An incredibly detailed guide to choosing your starter

With the beginning of every new generation of Pokémon game, there is an inevitable question on the tips of everyone’s tongues: which starter Pokémon is the best? Well aren’t you lucky I spent 600+ hours playing Pokémon X, Y, OR & AS in anticipation of this very moment. Brace yourselves for an incredibly thorough, in-depth, deep scientific dissection using rather uncomfortably long mathematical...[Read More]

Keen for more Nintendo Switch info? You’ll have to wait until January

Nintendo ain't talking about the Switch again until January...

Jim Sterling narrating the Nintendo Switch trailer is better than the real thing

We talk about Jim Sterling a lot around here, like how a game developer he justifiably trashed tried to sue him and how he’s bang on in his crusade against microtransactions in full priced games. As well as being a powerful voice in modern gaming media, as much as he stresses he’s not a journalist, he’s also a great entertainer and sometimes he combines those two things to great ...[Read More]

Watch the Nintendo NX reveal trailer here

We’ve wondered for some time now what Nintendo’s new console, codenamed the NX, would be; and there’s been a lot of rumours flying around the past year. Would it be some kind of hybrid of a home console that also functions as a portable one? A 900p gaming but 4K video streaming multimedia, Playstation/Xbox killer? Will Nintendo finally satisfy its desire to watch us sleep?! Well,...[Read More]

Bluetooth N64 controller for PC, Android and iOS coming in October

The Nintendo 64 controller is certainly one of the strangest gamepads ever released. Sure, it doesn’t have any weird, out-there features like the Steam controller’s trackpads but I remember thinking back when they came out that the N64 controller looked like it was designed for three-handed people, seemingly for no reason. Well, that is unless Nintendo knew something we didn’t in...[Read More]

What do upgraded consoles mean for system shelf life?

So yesterday Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, which for those that don’t already know, is pretty much a half step up for the console. Retailing at AU$559.95 the new console isn’t the cheapest piece of hardware, and it could be superseded before too long. Historically consoles have had relatively short shelf lives, sticking around for an average of five to six years before being re...[Read More]

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