Missingo is totally in Pokémon Red and Blue on 3DS

  I can remember clearly when news hit the playground back in the late 90s that a mysterious Pokémon could be found in Red and Blue. This holy grail of confusion could only be found under special circumstances, and the end result was more frightening than it was enjoyable. I am of course talking about Missingo, which you probably already knew unless you somehow completely avoided reading the ...[Read More]

You can catch Pokémon Sun and Moon late this year

  It’s official, we’ll be getting a new 3DS Pokémon games this year, well asides from that one that should feature Danny Devito’s voice work. The trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon was revealed today following a leak of the logos yesterday. You can check out the nostalgia brimmed reveal trailer below: This news arrives as Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow hit the Nintendo eShop for...[Read More]

The characters Smash Bros would be crazy NOT to include

-Stefan Bradley Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U has officially ended with the final DLC of Corrin and Bayonetta launching. To celebrate the end of new Smash Bros. characters as we know it, I just wanted to spit-ball some ideas for a additions to the next iteration’s roster. I know Street Fighter V is all the rage at the moment, but it doesn’t even include Blanka so maybe it could l...[Read More]

The Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow trailer is a thing of beauty

  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that Pokémon Blue on Game Boy was the first game I played properly. I spent most of 1999 collecting ’em all and forcing my little monster buddies to fight to the point they fainted. The news that Pokémon, Red Version, Blue Version and Yellow Version will be on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS in a weeks time blew my socks off… and t...[Read More]

Super Bowl video game ads clearly peaked in 2015

  So the Super Bowl 50 is happening today, and everyone who’s a fan of whatever game it is they play over there (I want to say dodgeball?) are devouring hot wings and yelling whenever their favoured team is disrespected. But really, they’re all really there for the famous Super Bowl ads; the bouts of sports ball in-between are just a bonus. While the silly ones such as HyandaiR...[Read More]

Danny Devito to voice Great Detective Pikachu?

  Earlier in the week we posted an article about the strange voice of Pikachu in the upcoming Pokémon game, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. In that article I made jokes about how the western voice actor will probably need to sound equally as gruff as the Japanese counterpart. Well, it turns out I wasn’t the only one hoping for something weird. A movement has sprung up o...[Read More]

Pikachu’s voice in Great Detective Pikachu may shock you

  So there’s this detective in a new Pokémon game trailer. The guy sounds kinda gruff, not quite Tom Waits on the gruff scale, but you still wouldn’t put it past this detective to punch darts non stop and drink only single malt whisky.  In a surprising twist this detective isn’t quite the image of masculinity you may expect, it’s Pikachu. Check it out in the video belo...[Read More]

Nintendo NX survey hints at possible directions for the console

  Rumours about the Nintendo NX, their follow up to the Wii U, have been flying around for the past year or so; such as the possibility the system will be some kind of hybrid between a home console and a portable one. The official word from Nintendo’s president, Tatsumi Kimishima, is that details on the NX will be coming later in 2016, but a recently uncovered market research survey may...[Read More]

Fast Racing Neo review

– Stefan Bradley Reviewed on: Wii U Cue the comparisons to Nintendo’s F-Zero franchise, as well as Sony’s WipEout. Like those two series, Fast Racing Neo is all about futuristic vehicles racing at extreme speeds to a soundtrack fusing rock and electronic music. F-Zero hasn’t seen a new game since F-Zero Climax on the GBA, but most of us fondly remember F-Zero GX as the peak...[Read More]

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon given AU release date

  The 3DS game with perhaps the most Japanese title ever has been given an Australian release date. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon will be available in Australia, New Zealand and Europe on February 20 2016. The game was released in Japan during September this year and in America during November, leaving plenty of Pokémon fans eagerly waiting to catch up with the rest of the world. Pokémon Supe...[Read More]

Ocarina of Time: Spirited tracks

– Nicholas Payne Music has always been an integral part of the Legend of Zelda series, thanks to the work of Nintendo composer Koji Kondo, who lent his genius to Link’s first foray in 1986. But it wasn’t until the fifth entry in Nintendo’s puzzle-solving tunic simulator when gamers were given the power to create and play tunes of their very own. For many players, 1998’s The Legend of Zelda: ...[Read More]

News out of the Nintendo Direct

  Rather than be big and flashy like the live stage shows of Playstation and Xbox, Nintendo’s “Nintendo Direct” video presentations opt to be much more, well, direct. True, they occasionally feature some weird theatrics, but more often then not the Nintendo Directs just sit down, and show you what they have. The result is a cavalcade of information, some news is big, others ...[Read More]

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