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A.O.T. 2 review: More of the same, but still good

Reviewed on PlayStation 4, copy supplied by publisher.  Offering up some of the smoothest anime action you can get your hands on, Koei Tecmo’s take on Attack on Titan is not only faithful to the series, but a dream to play. This sequel seems like it snuck up quickly, with the first installment only coming out at the tail end of 2016 in western markets, but it’s still a welcome addition...[Read More]

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom review: More like Attack on TitFUN

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. Oh, wait… that title doesn’t work as well written down… I could have deleted it, but then you wouldn’t see the inner workings of how we write at LoadScreen, the key is to start with a pun in the headline and then dribble on your shirt until the rest of the review writes itself. ANYWAY! Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom far excee...[Read More]

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