Overwatch hero updates: Mercy won’t be dishing out team revives and D.Va gets a new ability

The sheer crushing disappointment of seeing Mercy revive an entire team won’t be around much longer. In a hero balance update that is now live on the PTR, Mercy has a new ultimate, and her revive ability is now a slow to regenerate secondary that can only resurrect one teammate at a time. You can see lead designer Jeff Kaplan discuss the changes in the video below: Mercy’s new ultimate...[Read More]

Take a look at Doomfist’s alternate skins

Although Doomfist is still in the PTR, that doesn’t mean he can’t get down with some new looks. The newest Overwatch cast member got his new outfits today, and they’re pretty damn cool. I’m definitely all about that painted look. Hopefully it’s not long until he makes it into the full game! Watch over Charlie on Twitter @clbraith and don’t forget to follow @load_scree...[Read More]

Video: We took Doomfist for a spin

It’s pretty exciting stuff to see another villain enter the Overwatch cast, especially a melee focused one. So I thought we’d try Doomfist out on the PTR, something which proved difficult in a conventional game, as everyone was pouncing on him the second it loaded in. I got round this by playing a no limits game, which means there’s an incredible amount of Doomfist for you to see...[Read More]

Doomfist arrives on Overwatch PTR

After a rumour mill that has been churning since before Overwatch actually released, the long awaited villain Doomfist has joined the cast of playable characters. Earlier in the week a snippet of lore was releases detailing Doomfist being broken out of jail by Talon and Reaper, which seemed to signal a possible month long run down of info before a release, but here we are, a few days later and you...[Read More]

Blizzard’s US$450 D.Va statue plays to win

If you have US$450 (AU$585) burning a hole in your pocket, you can order this epic hand painted D.Va statue from Blizzard’s store. The 19″/48.26 cm high – 13.5″/34.29 cm wide behemoth joins Reaper, Tracer and Widowmaker who already have high end replicas available.   Should you go ahead and order – first of all, congratulations – the statues won’t shi...[Read More]

Overwatch loot boxes are about to get less terrible

Look, I love Overwatch. I mean, it was my 2016 Game of the Year, which for a story-less, multiplayer only game is one heck of an achievement. What can I say, I had a great year hooking pesky Tracers and raining justice from elevated positions. But despite Overwatch’s many great elements, its gambling-esque, majorly stacked against you loot box system is the worst. In order to unlock the cosm...[Read More]

Winston introduces you to the latest Overwatch map

The latest Overwatch map, Horizon Lunar Colony, is now live on the PTR. As described by Blizzard: “Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map set in a scientific base on the moon. Built as a first step towards humanity’s renewed exploration of space, the colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation—on human and ape alike. The scientists’ research proved...[Read More]

Blizzard tease a new Overwatch hero, and it looks like he’s a gorilla

Overwatch fans will be familiar with vague character reveals by now. Sombra was painfully revealed through an augmented reality game (ARG), something which Blizzard learned from with the rather speedy announcement of Orisa. Well, it looks like another hero is on the horizon (high-five to those who get the terrible joke) , and one that could be closely related to Winston. On the Overwatch blog a se...[Read More]

Skin fiends assemble – Overwatch’s first anniversary event is live

I know, I know, it’s hard to grasp that Overwatch is now a year old, but forget all that, because we all know what we truly care about… skins. To celebrate the anniversary Overwatch will be having another timed event with some great new loot, so yay, goodbye every lick of spare time between May 23rd and June 12th. The skins this time round are some of the best we’ve seen in an ev...[Read More]

Overwatch gears up for its first birthday

It’s kind of hard to believe that Overwatch will be turning one on the 24th of May. The online FPS has been a success over the past 12 months, with an every increasing fan base and competitive scene. To celebrate Blizzard have put together a little video that sums up the first year, and it’s hard not to smile when reminiscing at what a year it’s been (except for that Sombra revea...[Read More]

Blizzard tease us with new Overwatch character hype

Overwatch has been one of the most solid multiplayer experiences in a long time, and naturally it has a large following beacuse of this. So it’s not surprising when a new character comes around, Overwatch fans lose their shit. Blizzard have shown a precedent for slowly teasing new characters, like in the Sombra AR debacle. And for a while now there have been whispers that a new character isn...[Read More]

Year of the Rooster comes to Overwatch with plenty of new skins

So we’re pretty used to seasonal Overwatch skins now right? You know, those ultra rare legendary skins that are timed exclusives? Every time they come around it feels like a sneaky play to get us to buy more loot boxes, but on the other hand, the costumes are fucking dope, so it’s a tough balancing act. The latest seasonal even is celebrating Year of the Rooster, introducing new costum...[Read More]

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