Overwatch competitive mode is here, but it’s flawed for solo players

PC players have been treated to a new mode in Overwatch this week, a mode that introduces them to ranked competitive play. To start a competitive season players must complete ten placement matches that allocates them a number between 1-100 based on how well they do. Fear not if you receive a relatively low number, as this seems to be one of the issues the mode has at the moment, and an issue that ...[Read More]

Why unfair comparisons with Overwatch killed Battleborn

It’s not uncommon in the gaming industry for two similar titles to go up against each other for sales. Games are compared all the time, especially by fans of a particular series or platform who stand behind their chosen title with almost tribal allegiance. Prototype vs Infamous, Halo vs Killzone, Sonic vs Mario, comparing games with even a passing similarity to each other is something that&#...[Read More]

Let’s talk about Overwatch hero spamming

Ahh Overwatch, how you have captured my heart and my spare time as of late. At first you were a fun and enjoyable roller coaster ride where I whimsically experimented with heroes and strategies, celebrating with friends when they worked and laughing hysterically when they faceplanted into a beehive. Fast forward a few weeks to whereI have a grasp on the game, knowing intimately how a team should b...[Read More]

Here we go again: Titanfall 2 to have microtransactions

So, microtransactions in full priced games. Now there’s a giant red button of a topic if I ever saw one. It’s been brought back into the limelight again as Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella, speaking to GamesRadar, confirms that Titanfall 2 will feature microtransactions in order to fund the free maps and game modes DLC they plan to release post launch. “We’re givin...[Read More]

How to use Overwatch hero counters

We’ve already covered basics tips for Overwatch beginners, now it’s time to get into some more advanced stuff. As most of you that play the game will know, certain heroes absolutely decimate the battlefield when played right. Taking them down can seem like a near immobile struggle, that is until you realise their counters. Overwatch may seem unbalanced in some areas, as anyone who has ...[Read More]

Three major tips for Overwatch beginners

It’s been over a week since Overwatch came out, and in that week I’m sure a lot of you have found the game chewing through your spare time like Bastion through *insert your choice of joke on him being OP* (he’s not). Although the game is relatively easy to pick up and play, there are a lot of nuanced aspects to it that impact how a match unfolds and whether your side ultimately w...[Read More]

Overwatch review: believe the hype

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. Having been one of the most agonisingly anticipated games in recent memory, Overwatch is finally here, and it lives up to the hype for the most part. In fact I’d go as far to say it’s been my favourite game this year, I’m hooked, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have faults. Overwatch pits teams of six against each other in...[Read More]

Battleborn’s price slashed as Overwatch goes live

Blizzard’s first foray into the first person shooter market, Overwatch, launched today and finally those some 10 million players who enjoyed the beta can stop searching for Overwatch pornography and just play the damn game. Our review of Overwatch is on its way, my fellow editor Charlie is playing the heck out of it as we speak (at least, he better be) so once he has opinions we shall share ...[Read More]

The final Overwatch animation is here and Soldier: 76 kicks some ass in it

The last Overwatch animated short entitled Hero has come out ahead of the game’s May 24 launch tomorrow, and it focuses on the mysterious Soldier: 76. This is the final short from the current season consisting of four episodes, and you can watch it right here: For those unable to watch the video, it entails Soldier: 76 being the Overwatch equivalent of Batman, as he fights from the shadows t...[Read More]

Get a load of Overwatch lore with these short animations

Overwatch is due for release in a week’s time on May 24, and to promote that fact Blizzard have been releasing short animations to show off the cast of characters. The latest eight minute feature covers two characters, Genji and Hanzo, and is a surprisingly great watch. You can check it out right here: As Overwatch will consist solely of online multiplayer combat, the story is going to be co...[Read More]

Blizzard warns that suspected Overwatch cheaters may just be really good

In an blog post from Blizzard on the topic of cheating in Overwatch, the company drew attention to the fact that some players spend their entire lives indoors and never experience the sweet touch of sun on their skin, thus giving them superhuman gaming powers…. well, they didn’t say that exactly, but you can read between the lines. The company did state that prior to reporting a suspec...[Read More]

IGN ad may have just leaked the release date of Blizzard’s Overwatch

  A possibly major case of “whoops” occurred overnight as some advertisements for Blizzard’s upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch displayed on IGN contained the game’s then unannounced release date. A user on Reddit posted screenshots of the ads, which have since been taken down, stating the phrase “Your Watch Begins 05.24.16”. Now, I can’t be the on...[Read More]

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