The end of Namco’s hold on Loading Screens

-James Orr On November 27th, Namco Bandai’s patent, US5718632 A, finally expired. What’s so important about this patent? It gave Namco ownership over ‘interactive loading screens’, which are the ability to play auxiliary games/minigames during a loading screen. But now that the concept has gone public any developer is free to create loading screen games without fear of reprimand from Namco. This i...[Read More]

Nintendo wants to watch you sleep

– Tom Heath When one goes looking at patents filed by individuals or companies, you come across some strange stuff. For example, in 1984 some guy patented the rocket powered surfboard. That is a thing. Sometimes new patents can give you an idea of the direction a company may be heading with their products, while other times they’re just concepts that are never realised in the exact for...[Read More]

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