PlaySation 4

20 years of PlayStation

  I can remember getting the original PlayStation for Christmas way back in 1997. In fact I remember being confused by it. As was tradition in our house my parents would let my brother and I open a small present each when we woke up at an unnaturally early hour, this was to tide us over until they woke up when the sun had actually risen. On his particular Christmas we picked out a flat square...[Read More]

The Star Wars Battlefront season pass costs too many galactic credits

– Charlie Braithwaite There is a disturbance in the force, and this time it is coming straight for your wallet. In a press release from EA today we learned that the Star Wars Battlefront season pass will cost Australian gamers a whopping AU$69.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and $59.99 on PC through Origin. Is 2015 destined to be the year DLC gets out of hand? Just look at some of the shitt...[Read More]

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