Playstation 4.5

All the Playstation 4 Pro details from today’s announcement

Sony finally lifted the lid on the much rumoured next Playstation 4.5/Neo, revealing its true name is Playstation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro will support 4K image resolution and High Dynamic Range. No exact specs were given, The console will boast a boosted CPU clock, a “larger” (???) 1TB hard drive and, according lead Playstation architect Mark Cerny, will have “more than doub...[Read More]

Watch the Playstation Meeting live right here

The Playstation Meeting kicks off at 5am AEST, and you can watch it live right here. Announced in August, the press conference is speculated to be based around Playstation hardware, where Sony may finally reveal their upgraded console, codenamed Playstation Neo. Just prior to E3, Playstation chief Andrew House confirmed Neo’s existence but didn’t provide any solid details. We might als...[Read More]

How Project Scorpio needs to work if it’s to succeed

Brace yourselves everybody, the battle of the point-five consoles has officially begun. Just prior to E3, Playstation’s Andrew House confirmed there is indeed a Playstation 4.5/Neo in the works but stopped short of confirming any concrete details. And during his E3 presentation, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced two new Xbox models, the first being the Xbox One S, a slimline version of the co...[Read More]

Sony confirms Playstation 4.5 is real

At least some of the rumours are true, Sony is indeed developing a Playstation 4.5 as originally reported back in March. Playstation chief Andrew House confirmed the news to the Financial Times, saying the console will support 4K resolutions but stopped short of revealing whether or not it will sport the kind of hardware changes leaked by GiantBomb earlier this year. “[The PS4.5] is intended...[Read More]

Rumoured specs of PS4K revealed, codenamed NEO

According to sources speaking to GiantBomb, the rumoured PS4K/PS4.5 console is internally referred to by the codename NEO and boasts a higher CPU clock speed, an improved graphics card and RAM with higher bandwidth. GiantBomb’s sources also indicate that starting from October every new PS4 game will be required to have two modes of operation, a “Base Mode” for the original PS4 an...[Read More]

Why the PS4K is incredibly troubling news

  Yesterday we reported on the rumours going around that a new kind of Playstation 4, dubbed the PS4K or PS4.5, is on the way. The reports have been multiplying over the past few weeks, to the point where many outlets are saying the new console’s existence is pretty much an absolute certainty, and presenting games and media at 4K resolutions (3840×2160) will be a major feature. It ...[Read More]

A Playstation 4K might be launching this year

-James Orr According to The Know the rumoured PlayStation 4K (also known as the PlayStation 4.5) reported by Kotaku, The Wall Street Journal and Eurogamer, is not only real but will be launching this year. The PS4K will run games and other media at, you guessed it, a 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels) output, which is essentially four times larger than the current console standard of 1080p (1920 X 1080). The...[Read More]

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