Playstation 4 Pro

Nioh does the whole multi-tiered console thing right

Many of you out there probably think I’ve been waging a one man war against Sony’s mid-generation upgrade to the Playstation 4, the PS4 Pro. I mean, I’ve written cynically about it enough. I rambled my concerns of newer titles performing poorly on the base console pretty much immediately after rumours of the “PS4K” started doing the rounds last March. Once both Sony a...[Read More]

Horizon: Zero Dawn developers talk moving from linear shooters to open-world RPGs

Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Playstation 4 exclusive Sony has been showing off for quite some time now, is just around the corner so pretty soon we’ll all be running around developer Guerrilla Games’ post apocalyptic, robot dinosaur infested world. In anticipation of the launch, Playstation Australia have released three behind-the-scenes videos about the development of the game. As well as ...[Read More]

The Last Guardian review: I probably shouldn’t have pets…

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. 11 years after the release of the artistic masterpiece that was Shadow of the Colossus on Playstation 2, developer Fumito Ueda has released his long gestating game: The Last Guardian. Trapped in development hell for many years and even thought to be cancelled at one point before making a grand return at E3 in 2015, The Las...[Read More]

The Last Guardian showcases what’s wrong with PS4 Pro existing

So The Last Guardian finally came out last week, and by some miracle it isn’t total garbage unlike most games that are in gestation for the better part of a decade (looking at you, Duke Nukem Forever). That’s not to say it’s brilliant, as it certainly has its fair share of issues from both a gameplay and a conceptual standpoint, but my time spent with the game hasn’t been a...[Read More]

All the Playstation 4 Pro details from today’s announcement

Sony finally lifted the lid on the much rumoured next Playstation 4.5/Neo, revealing its true name is Playstation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro will support 4K image resolution and High Dynamic Range. No exact specs were given, The console will boast a boosted CPU clock, a “larger” (???) 1TB hard drive and, according lead Playstation architect Mark Cerny, will have “more than doub...[Read More]

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