Playstation VR

I got a glimpse of a life-long dream with Playstation VR at PAX Aus

Guys, I love sharks. My friends and family will be shocked to learn this (that’s a lie), but I can’t keep it to myself anymore. I REALLY love sharks, and particularly the Great White Shark. It has been my favourite animal since I was a kid, mainly because they had lots of teeth, but now I have educated myself (that kid had lots of books back then) and respect the fact they have never n...[Read More]

Earthlight: Drifting through space at PAX

Some things are inherently terrifying, being stranded in the ocean with a great white (more on that tomorrow), being near a spider and drifting through space. Earthlight is a VR experience that puts you right up there in the nope category of floating through space without a tether. Director of Business Development at Opaque media Norman Wang told LoadScreen that the game was developed with assista...[Read More]

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a ghost train ride at home

With Playstation VR being slated for release in 2016, we’re now starting to hear about the kind of games we’re going to see released for it rather than just tech demos showing off how silly we all look while playing in VR. At the Paris Playstation conference overnight, developer Supermassive Games revealed a VR follow up to choose-your-own horror game Until Dawn titled Until Dawn: Rush...[Read More]

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