E3 2018: The best of the PlayStation showcase

Well that sure was…something. Playstation decided to try something different with their E3 presentation this year, stepping away from the traditional stage show packed with teaser trailers and instead showing fewer games but in greater detail. And that’s an idea I’m totally on board with, as greater detail is something E3 reveals could always use more of. And the show certainly delivered some more...[Read More]

That’s You first impressions: PlayStation’s PlayLink makes party games easy

That’s You is the first title to show off PlayStation’s new PlayLink feature, allowing players to game together using smart phone apps along with their PS4. At a media session on Monday I was fortunate to play a couple rounds and gauge how it all works. As a gameThat’s You and the PlayLink mechanics will be familiar to those who’ve played Jackbox collections, albeit with hi...[Read More]

Highlights from the PlayStation showcase – E3 2017

Well, that was a lot like last year, but there are a few tasty morsels from PlayStation’s conference that we can share with you. Sadly they mostly have vague 2018 tentative releases, so dfon’t get too hyped. Let’s get started! Shadow of the Colossus is getting a remake We’ll start this list off with perhaps the strongest announce, Shadow of the Colossus is getting a PS4 rem...[Read More]

Horizon Zero Dawn review: Life found a way

Reviewed on PS4, copy supplied by PlayStation.  Taking you to a time where herds of robot goats gracefully stalk post-apocalyptic ruins, Horizon Zero Dawn has a rich setting and compelling narrative. On paper the premise of robot dinosaurs mingling with tribes of cavemen is kind of silly, it seems like something I would have day dreamed about as an eight year old Fortunately, Guerrilla Games have ...[Read More]

What do upgraded consoles mean for system shelf life?

So yesterday Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, which for those that don’t already know, is pretty much a half step up for the console. Retailing at AU$559.95 the new console isn’t the cheapest piece of hardware, and it could be superseded before too long. Historically consoles have had relatively short shelf lives, sticking around for an average of five to six years before being re...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky review: Ground control to major disappointment

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. In my 12 hours of game time I’ve found No Man’s Sky to be equal parts compelling and boring, some aspects of it are amazing, and others are a galactic snore fest. Arguably the sheer amount of hype after years of anticipation, mixed with the lack of any concrete info in the build up, let minds run wild as to what No Man’s Sky could be....[Read More]

7 Days to Die review: janky, janky zombies

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. Steam’s early access model has been polarising, to say the least. The idea of paying for an unfinished game is something many just can’t understand, or agree with, whilst other relish the opportunity to play upcoming titles early, perhaps even to help shape them into the eventual final release. On paper, it’s actually a pretty decent ...[Read More]

The PlayStation Neo could be revealed this September

On September 7 Sony will be holding a press conference in New York City. An email was distributed inviting journalists to the event, and despite there being little information on what it will contain, speculation is mounting that it will be the much anticipated PlayStation 4.5, AKA PlayStation Neo, reveal. The existence of Neo was originally rumoured back in March, with confirmation comi...[Read More]

Highlights from the PlayStation showcase – E3 2016

PlayStation really didn’t slow down with their excellent presentation, starting with epic orchestral music and jumping right into a huge announcement. Not pausing long to speak, the games were left to shine, and this was an approach that really worked. Hold onto your butts, there are a lot of announcements to make. As promised there was no hardware revealed, so instead we have a load of game...[Read More]

The best E3 moments are the ones we aren’t expecting

E3 2016 is right around the corner, so pretty soon everyone’s newsfeeds will be blasted with so many stories of game reveals, cinematic trailers and awkward PR presentations. It’s an exciting time, as while there are plenty of conferences throughout the year, E3 is usually the one the heavy hitters like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (although maybe not so much this year) save for their ...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky delayed until August

The highly anticipated space exploration game No Man’s Sky has been delayed from its original release window of June to confirmed dates of August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe and August 12 in the UK. Sean Murray from Hello Games stated via PlayStation’s blog “as we approached our final deadlines, we realised that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to...[Read More]

Hideo Kojima teases the secret character behind his new studio’s logo

Late last year, following his chaotic departure from Konami, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima announced the formation of a new studio, Kojima Productions. This was coupled with the news that their debut game would be exclusive to Playstation. But one of the most interesting parts of the announcement was the studio’s strange logo, which resembled something a person in one of the SAW films migh...[Read More]

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