Opinion: Can we wait for a game to come out before complaining?

The last 24 hours have been big for gaming announcements, with Nintendo announcing three Pokémon games and Bethesda releasing a teaser for Fallout 76. Inevitably with all of these announcements comes an avalanche of complaints and reservations, because you know, internet. In particular, Fallout 76 has received backlash from fans surrounding Kotaku’s reporting that it will be a survival game. And b...[Read More]

Gotta announce ’em all: Two Pokémon games to come to Switch this year

Nintendo revealed their Poké plans earlier today with a trio of announcements involving the long running series. Pokémon Quest is available on the Nintendo Switch from today, and features a fresh style for the series with a cube aesthetic. The game is “free-to-start” which doesn’t sound promising for those who were disappointed by the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp mobile game and ...[Read More]

Pokémon meets Overwatch in this glorious fan art

We usually don’t post too much fan art here at LoadScreen, but this collection was too good to resist. The mash up by artist Han Seok-bum re-imagines Overwatch heroes as Pokémon. Most of the Overwatch heroes have been turned into a corresponding pocket monster, and some of the pairings are perfect, others are a tad confusing, but hey, they’re still adorable dammit! Sorry Bastion player...[Read More]

Pokémon Sun & Moon review: Like night & day compared to the others

Reviewed on: 3DS. Copy supplied by publisher. A wise man once said “All you need to make a movie is a gun and a girl”. He also said he didn’t want a North American visa because it would take too long to fly there (although he eventually did). The man in question is the great film-maker Jean-Luc Godard but curiously I find his view to be a little short sighted. To be fair, he said this roughly arou...[Read More]

Pokémon Sun and Moon: An incredibly detailed guide to choosing your starter

With the beginning of every new generation of Pokémon game, there is an inevitable question on the tips of everyone’s tongues: which starter Pokémon is the best? Well aren’t you lucky I spent 600+ hours playing Pokémon X, Y, OR & AS in anticipation of this very moment. Brace yourselves for an incredibly thorough, in-depth, deep scientific dissection using rather uncomfortably long mathematical...[Read More]

Pokémon GO from the perspective of someone who hates Pokémon 

All right, all right, I guess I don’t hate Pokémon, it’s just something I never really got into as a kid. I don’t know, the show just didn’t really do it for me and neither did the games, although to be fair I never owned a GameBoy so I didn’t really give them much of a chance outside of playing them at friends’ houses. Still, while I find the little critters li...[Read More]

Pokemon Go beta gameplay leaks online but uploader wants you not to watch it

How do you go about uploading footage from the closed beta test of a game that your very access to requires you to agree not to share anything from it online? Put it up on some secret forum on the “dark net” away from authorities’ eyes? Burn it to discs and disseminate it via the post? The answer is much simpler: you kindly ask anyone who hasn’t agreed to the beta’s t...[Read More]

Australia & New Zealand to get beta of Pokémon GO

  It’s happened, it’s finally happened. Pokémon GO will be available in Australia and New Zealand before you know it. Fans can sign up for early testing of the game right now, and the testing will begin later this month. Pokémon GO field testing will begin in Australia and New Zealand later this month. For more details visit: https://t.co/EhM9zoY49E — Niantic (@NianticLabs) April ...[Read More]

Missingo is totally in Pokémon Red and Blue on 3DS

  I can remember clearly when news hit the playground back in the late 90s that a mysterious Pokémon could be found in Red and Blue. This holy grail of confusion could only be found under special circumstances, and the end result was more frightening than it was enjoyable. I am of course talking about Missingo, which you probably already knew unless you somehow completely avoided reading the ...[Read More]

You can catch Pokémon Sun and Moon late this year

  It’s official, we’ll be getting a new 3DS Pokémon games this year, well asides from that one that should feature Danny Devito’s voice work. The trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon was revealed today following a leak of the logos yesterday. You can check out the nostalgia brimmed reveal trailer below: This news arrives as Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow hit the Nintendo eShop for...[Read More]

The Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow trailer is a thing of beauty

  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that Pokémon Blue on Game Boy was the first game I played properly. I spent most of 1999 collecting ’em all and forcing my little monster buddies to fight to the point they fainted. The news that Pokémon, Red Version, Blue Version and Yellow Version will be on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS in a weeks time blew my socks off… and t...[Read More]

Super Bowl video game ads clearly peaked in 2015

  So the Super Bowl 50 is happening today, and everyone who’s a fan of whatever game it is they play over there (I want to say dodgeball?) are devouring hot wings and yelling whenever their favoured team is disrespected. But really, they’re all really there for the famous Super Bowl ads; the bouts of sports ball in-between are just a bonus. While the silly ones such as HyandaiR...[Read More]

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