Project Scorpio

Xbox One X revealed, launching November at $649 in Australia – E3 2017

During their E3 stage show this morning (AEST time), Microsoft lifted the veil on Project Scorpio, now dubbed the Xbox One X. They reaffirmed the specs previously revealed by Digital Foundry in April, with the six teraflop GPU, 12GB of RAM and 326GB/s memory bandwidth, but through in some new little tidbits as well. The Xbox One X will feature a liquid cooled vapour chamber setup in order to not h...[Read More]

A detailed look at Project Scorpio and the future of Xbox

As we discussed last night, Digital Foundry, one of the biggest critics of the Xbox One’s paltry power (and there are a lot of critics), was invited by Microsoft for an exclusive look at Scorpio’s specifications and benefits. Now it’s time for a slightly deeper look into what the future of Xbox One will look like. If you’re into hardware, prepare to have your mind blown at what a console can...[Read More]

Project Scorpio’s beefy specs ran a Forza demo at 4K/60fps

Digital Foundry just revealed the final specs of Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s candidate in the whole “mid generation upgrade” console trend, and boy does it sound like a beast. Scorpio will be running a GPU with more compute units and a higher clock speed than the PS4 Pro, a custom eight core CPU, and 12GB of RAM. According to Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter, Project S...[Read More]

Watch Digital Foundry’s Project Scorpio specs reveal here

So it was announced randomly the other day that Digital Foundry would be revealing the specs for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, their upgraded Xbox One announced last year at E3. The video is now online, and you can watch it here! It’s pretty dense, so buckle up. We’ll report more as we have it.

Xbox One S launches on August 2

The Xbox One S has been slated for an August release since it was announced this past E3, it was just a matter of when. Well, now it’s official: the Xbox One S is arriving on August 2 in Australia. As was confirmed at E3, there will be several different versions of the Xbox One S which differ in hard drive size. The 2TB model is the one launching on August 2 for $549AUD, with Microsoft sayin...[Read More]

How Project Scorpio needs to work if it’s to succeed

Brace yourselves everybody, the battle of the point-five consoles has officially begun. Just prior to E3, Playstation’s Andrew House confirmed there is indeed a Playstation 4.5/Neo in the works but stopped short of confirming any concrete details. And during his E3 presentation, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced two new Xbox models, the first being the Xbox One S, a slimline version of the co...[Read More]

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