Playstation’s Powers TV show is finally available in Australia

Powers, the first original TV programming from Playstation, is now available on the Australian PSN Store, more than a year after its premiere in the US. Both the entire first season and the first three episodes of the second season are out now, with us remaining on track with the US and having season two’s remaining seven episodes releasing weekly. It is worth noting that while Sony are sayi...[Read More]

Rocket League: Destruction derby meets football

– Luke Chandler If you’re the sort of person who usually sits in front of a screen in a darkened room, chances are you’ve seen the name Rocket League pop up on various online publications and message boards. The game has generated a large amount of hype, fueled by a dedicated fan base. I am not really a fan of sports games, so when I first heard of Rocket League, It didn’t seem l...[Read More]

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