Garbage games of 2016

Charlie and Tom have given you their highlights of 2016, now it’s time to look over the lowest of the lowlights. Unlike last year, we thought we’d collaborate on this list so that it doesn’t get too subjective based on one person’s tastes. Also it’s worth noting, a few games on here we genuinely enjoyed parts of, but controversy has left them on the scrap heap of the ...[Read More]

ReCore review: Literally the waiting game

Reviewed on: Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher. Here at the outset, let me be clear and say that at its core (ha) ReCore is a good action-platformer. In the opening couple of hours, ReCore focuses on intriguing story and fast combat as it drives you forward through a beautiful, desolate world. And during that time, I was enjoying playing as Joule, the game’s protagonist, who uses a variet...[Read More]

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