Quantum Break review: Maybe some things are inevitable

Reviewed on: Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about a AAA game/TV show hybrid? If you answered “that doesn’t sound like it will work all that well,” then congratulations! Your gut instinct is pretty darn good. Quantum Break is an ambitious project, it picks up the worn out sci-fi trend of time travel, puts it in a game ...[Read More]

Quantum Break no longer Xbox One exclusive, coming to PC April 5

  Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment announced yesterday, along with a new trailer, that their upcoming video game/TV show hybrid Quantum Break will be heading to PC as well as Xbox One on the previously announced April 5 release date. This was received as a surprising bit of news given the game had been marketed as an Xbox One exclusive for a vast majority of its hype campaign, but it wouldn...[Read More]

Xbox/TV hybrid game Quantum Break release date announced

– Tom Heath After many delays, Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has been given a release date of April 5 2016. And this one is a real Xbox exclusive, not a weird vague one. Developed by Remedy Studios, Quantum Break is a game that boasts being not only a time-bending “next-gen” title, but also one that ties in with a TV show. Because of this, a bunch of big stars feature in leadi...[Read More]

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