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E3 2018: The best of EA’s conference

E3 2018 is officially underway, and with that comes an avalanche of game announcements, trailers and hypeTM. At 4am AEST yesterday, EA presented their offerings to the world. Considering I was fast asleep at that time, here’s a delayed recap of the best of their showcase. Battlefield V battle royale mode It’s with no surprise that big developers are looking to battle royale games. EA a...[Read More]

Battlefront II was actually great for games

In a year with new and innovative games like Breath of the Wild and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game that had the best impact on the video game industry in 2017 was Battlefront II. Prior to EA and DICE’s disastrous launch, there was no tangible evidence to show that microtransactions had a significant impact on sales. Sure, you and a few friends might have decided to boycott a game in prote...[Read More]

Offline mode and Death Star maps finally coming to Star Wars Battlefront

Buried among all the posters, teasers and behind the scenes shenanigans of the upcoming Rogue One spin off film from the Star Wars Celebration last week, EA unveiled the next few updates for Star Wars Battlefront. First up on July 21 is the Skirmish update, which adds the ability to play certain game modes offline. Offline players in Battlefront have so far been stuck with the lackl...[Read More]

“In development” E3 trailers are the worst

Good job E3, you did well this year. There were lots of big announcements across the conference, from Sony’s cavalcade of games, Xbox’s official plans for an upgraded Xbox One, Fallout 4 and DOOM coming to Vive VR and confirmation from Snoop Dogg that Battlefield 1 can be played while smoking a blunt. While we should all be wary of getting overly excited from the flashy presentations o...[Read More]

These are the Star Wars games you’re looking for – E3 2016

With EA’s conference at E3 wrapping up, we can now look back and pick at the gaming carcass for meaty morsels of news. Well that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. So let’s get the BB-8 rolling and check out the latest Star Wars news. EA seem to have a lot of fingers in Lucas pie this year, with various studios collaborating with them on Star Wars titles. Check out the video fresh ...[Read More]

Games to look forward to at E3

– Kyle Tander It’s almost that time of the year again as the world’s biggest gaming convention, E3, is just around the corner from June 14-16. The excitement meters are beginning to climb as some highly anticipated video games are going to be shown to the public. There are some titles that are bound to get the blood pumping and pulses racing, so why don’t we go on and name a few games to loo...[Read More]

3 Lessons we hope EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 has learned

Yesterday EA CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed during a financial earnings call that a new Star Wars Battlefront game is slated to come out in 2017. While a sequel to a game arriving within two years of the original is hardly a crazy concept, given the final DLC pack included with Battlefront’s pricey season pass is due to release in the early parts of that same year one could hardly be blamed f...[Read More]

New Star Wars game on the horizon from Respawn and EA

Good news you scruffy looking nerf herders, there’s a new Star Wars game in the pipeline from Respawn (the team behind Titanfall) and EA. In a blog post from Respawn’s Stig Asmussen, the game is specified as being  “a third-person action/adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.” Here’s hoping this untitled game is a bit more successful than Battlefront, but as As...[Read More]

John Boyega wants Star Wars Battlefront to have a campaign

  Star Wars is arguably one of the coolest franchises of all time. For most of us the closest we’ll get to living out our galactic fantasies is through the catalogue of Star Wars games. The most recent of which, Star Wars Battlefront, fell short in this area due to the lack of a campaign. And you know what? We weren’t the only ones to notice. John Boyega, the guy who played Finn i...[Read More]

There’s a Stormtrooper mod for XCOM 2 and it’s super appropriate

  XCOM 2 is an unforgiving game, and I loved the hell out of it. It doesn’t go easy on you, instead it relies on cold, hard statistical likelihoods to decide your chances of success. Your soldiers will more often than not miss the perfect shot you were holding out for, even when the statistics were in your favour. It boarders on the ridiculous, because these people are supposedly traine...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront DLC details emerge – free content coming tomorrow

  When the Star Wars Battlefront DLC season pass price was announced everyone exclaimed that they could buy their own ship for that. Details were scarce until just before the game launched and publisher EA revealed the season pass would consist of four expansion packs that would add a total 16 extra maps. Coupling this with the promise of new hero characters, game modes and weapons, suddenly ...[Read More]

Let’s talk about the Disney Infinity Star Wars “spoiler”

SPOILERS for Force Awakens within. Seriously, turn back if you don’t want SPOILERS… SPOILERS! Over the last few days a rumour has been doing the rounds on the internet that a clip from Disney Infinity 3.0 reveals one of The Force Awakens biggest mysteries, who Rey’s family are. It would be absolutely mind blowing if what will probably be one of the bigger plot points of Star Wars...[Read More]

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