Henry Cavill missed the call to play Superman because he was too busy gaming

  I’ve missed some important calls before due to being preoccupied with something else, who hasn’t? But when you’re expecting a call from Zack Snyder regarding whether or not you’ve been cast as¬†goddamn Superman, surely you’d be ready to answer that phone if it so much as even pings a Facebook notification? Well, I’m clearly not Henry Cavill, who recently s...[Read More]

Batman Arkham Knight: Justice League Easter eggs

– Charlie Braithwaite As we’ve discussed Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot of great things going for it, also some not so great things (here’s looking at you tank battles). Some of the best aspects in Rocksteady’s Arkham series are the Easter eggs scattered throughout. Arkham Knight is a smorgasbord of Justice League references, perhaps hinting at Rocksteady’s next vent...[Read More]

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