Survival Horror

Phantasmal: A PAX experience

PAX was an amazing experience. I had been to conventions before in the past but never something as elaborate and well put together. It was an awesome gathering of people passionate about the gaming industry and sharing that passion through exhibitions, competitions and the like. I had the privilege of meeting Joe Chang, developer from Eyemobi, to play a six minute demo for the early access, Lovecr...[Read More]

LoadScreen talks horror with Thomas Grip of Frictional Games

– Karolina Firman Survival horror has become one of the defining genres of modern gaming. The basic underlying theme behind them is to dump a hapless character in a dangerous and unusual place, (maybe arm them, maybe not) and see if they can survive the horrors that await. There are a lot of split opinions when it comes to what makes a good horror game, is it jump scares and gore, or an unde...[Read More]

Layers of Fear: Painting the way for horror

– Karly Taylor A bit of a cliche title, I know, but bear with me here. Layers of Fear is a brand spanking new horror game on Steam, inspired by famous paintings, architecture and decor of centuries been and gone. It’s described as being a “psychadelic horror” that puts you in the shoes of an artist who, in his quest to finish his life’s greatest masterpiece, goes comp...[Read More]

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