Team Ninja

Nioh review: Yes, that’s a cat clock, deal with it!

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. If there’s one thing that’s immensely clear as soon as you fire up Nioh, it’s that Team Ninja are obviously big fans of From Software’s Souls series. A blatant clone of the industry juggernaut Dark Souls, Nioh wears its influence right there on its sleeve. However, unlike Lords of the Fallen, another decent, but hardly...[Read More]

Nioh does the whole multi-tiered console thing right

Many of you out there probably think I’ve been waging a one man war against Sony’s mid-generation upgrade to the Playstation 4, the PS4 Pro. I mean, I’ve written cynically about it enough. I rambled my concerns of newer titles performing poorly on the base console pretty much immediately after rumours of the “PS4K” started doing the rounds last March. Once both Sony a...[Read More]

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