7 Days to Die review: janky, janky zombies

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. Steam’s early access model has been polarising, to say the least. The idea of paying for an unfinished game is something many just can’t understand, or agree with, whilst other relish the opportunity to play upcoming titles early, perhaps even to help shape them into the eventual final release. On paper, it’s actually a pretty decent ...[Read More]

Holy Telltale trailer, Batman!

What’s up my caped crusaders? You’re in luck if you’ve been eager to check out Telltale’s interpretation of the pointy eared vigilante, as a new batrific trailer is now available for us to look at with our eyes. Fans of the forever retold Harvey Dent/Falcone saga are in for a treat, as the trailer suggests that is the story we’ll be getting. Those unfamiliar with the ...[Read More]

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Three will be “checking in” with Clementine says Kirkman

If you’re a fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series then that headline may have frightened you. “Is Clementine not the main character?! Clementine has been the driving force of the game’s narrative since day one, what would the series be without her? WHO WILL MAKE US FEEL FEELINGS NOW?!” But don’t worry, at least she is guaranteed to make an appearance in...[Read More]

Telltale’s Game of Thrones review – oh god, my feels…

  With its season finale dropping last week, and the physical retail release arriving yesterday, Telltale’s Game of Thrones has come to a close. This series has been an interesting experiment for Telltale Games as it is set during the events of an ongoing property, HBO’s Game of Thrones television series, rather than prior to the original source material ala The Wolf Among Us; fol...[Read More]

Minecraft: Story Mode episode one reviewed

-Karly Taylor I’m not a huge Minecraft fan. I’ll be the first person to admit it, in fact. From the time of its initial alpha release in 2009, I couldn’t understand the fascination. Friends I went to high school with who happened to be gamers were obsessed with it, having regular LAN party sessions with it. It was all anybody could talk about for a while, and it drove me crazy. I...[Read More]

Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode begins next month

– Tom Heath Overnight, Telltale Games announced their next game season, Minecraft: Story Mode, will premiere on digital storefronts on October 13. But what’s quite strange is there will be a retail release the following week on October 27, something Telltale doesn’t usually do until the entire season has been released digitally. Don’t get your hopes up though: while the retail release includ...[Read More]

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